Tackling Tailbone Pain Following An Injury

Your tailbone, also known as your coccyx, distributes weight evenly between your hips. Unfortunately, when it's painful following an injury or after years of incorrect posturing, the aches you experience are hard to ignore. With the advice of your chiropractor, it's possible to reduce tailbone pain and rebuild towards a comfier life. Here are some ways of doing so. Correcting Your Posture Your tailbone pain is likely to worsen when you place a lot of weight on it.

Could You Take a More Natural Approach to Your Stomach Problems?

If you've been struggling with gastrointestinal difficulties for a long time and have been back and forth with your doctor, you may be running out of patience. They may have tried to diagnose you with certain conditions and prescribed medication to relieve your symptoms, but, all too often, these approaches may not work. Could your problems be linked to a certain type of food, and if so, could you take a more natural approach to your healing instead?